Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Mary Shelley’s timeless gothic novel presents the epic battle between man and monster at its greatest literary pitch. In trying to create life, the young student Victor Frankenstein unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings Victor to the very brink of madness. How he tries to destroy his creation, as it destroys everything Victor loves, is a powerful story of love, friendship, scientific hubris, and horror. Based on the third edition of 1831, this Penguin Classics edition, with an introduction and notes by Maurice Hindle, contains all the revisions Mary Shelley made to her story, as well as her 1831 introduction and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s preface to the first edition. It also includes as appendices a select collation of the texts of 1818 and 1831 together with “A Fragment” by Lord Byron and Dr John Polidori’s “The Vampyre: A Tale.”


  • Item Weight : 258 g
  • Paperback : 352 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0141439475
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0141439471
  • Product Dimensions : 12.93 x 2.11 x 19.71 cm
  • Publisher : Penguin (11 August 2003)
  • Reading level : 18 and up
  • Language: : English


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